Laser Tattoo Removal | Joanne Dews

Laser Tattoo Removal

We use the Q Switched ND-YAG laser. This laser machine has been very affective in the removal of tattoo ink.

The laser works by breaking down the ink and pushing into the body to leave via the lymphatic system. I specialise in the removal of Semi permanent eyebrows, lip liner and body tattoos.

It is hard to estimate how many sessions would be needed as each individuals needs are different. We have to take into account the age of the ink, the quality of the ink, the colour and the location on the body. The tattoo furthest from your heart like hands and feet can be harder to remove as your blood flow isn’t as strong therefore it doesn’t leave the body as quickly.

A consultation is required where a patch test will be done and a more accurate estimate of cost can be given.

Please send an photo by e-mail or text for a quote on your tattoo you would like removing to