Semi Permanent Makeup, Botulinum Injections (anti wrinkle), Fillers and Vampire Facial Prices

Treatment Price
Deposit £50
Eyebrow Enhancement
Treatment Price
Powdered Brow Effect £350
Three Dimensional Hair Stroke Effect £350
Microbladed Brows £300
Ombre Brows £350
Combination Brow (Powdered + Hair Stroke) £395
Alopecia Brows £350
Eye Enhancement
Treatment Price
Eyelash Enhancement Top Or Bottom £295
Eyelash Enhancement Top & Bottom £350
Baby Eyeliner Top & Lash Enhancement Top & Bottom £ 425
Latino Eyeliner £450
French Pearl Eyeliner £450
Alopecia eyeliner £425
Lip Enhancement
Treatment Price
Lip Liner £350
Lip Blush £395
Full Lip Colour £495
Permanent makeup colour boost
Treatment Price
After 18 months it will be full price.
Within 3-6 Months Of Initial Treatment £100
Within 6-12 Months Of Initial Treatment £150
Procedures Between 12-18 Months £185
Anti Wrinkle (Botulinum) Injections
Treatment Price
You must see my nurse prescriber to obtain your prescription for Anti Wrinkle injections.
1 Area £130
2 Areas £180
3 Areas £230
Fillers - Lips, Cheeks, Nose-mouth lines, Fine Lines, Acne Scars
Treatment Price
Fine Lines £185
Cheek Fillers (2ml) £395
Lip Augmentation Starting at £200 for 1ml Syringe
Deep line Fillers £200
Profilo (2ml) £225 or course of 2 £400
Treatment Price
1 Treatment to the face £195
Course of 3 sessions £495
hyperhydrosis - excessive under arm sweating treatment
Treatment Price
Both Under Arms £495 for both
VI Chemical Peels
Treatment Price
Original Peel £225 or course of 3 £550
Purify (acne prone skin) £225 or course of 3 £550
Precision £265 or course of 3 £650
Treatment Price
Per Area £250
Vitamin B12 Injections
Treatment Price
Add on with any additional treatment and get for £20
Single treatment £30 or course of 4 £99
NLP Coaching
Treatment Price
Per Session £
Treatment Price
Multiple sessions may be required
Per session

At least 48 hrs is required to move or cancel an appointment else consultation price will be non redeemable.

All treatments other than consultation require a 2 hour time slot.